January 22 – 30, 2019 chhung khan Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR) chuan National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) lehkha No.2501/09/2016-2017/NCPCR/Policy Matter dated 14/11/2018/82830 bawhzui in Mizoram State chhunga  School thlanchhuah bik hostel te, canteen te leh midday meal ah te surprise Insepction on “Junk Food/High in Fats, Salts and Sugar (HFSS)” nei turin thuchhuah a siam a. NCPCR thuchhuah bawhzui in surprise inspection neih a ni. He inspection ah hian Aizawl khawpui chhung bika School Hostel School Canteen te leh Midday meal pe thin school te thlanchhuah an ni a. Aizawl khaw chhim-chhak, Aizawl chhim leh Aizawl hmar lama awm School leh Hostel te thlan chhuah an ni. Heng school hostel leh school canteen thlan chhuah te hi Government Primary shool hostel te, Government Higher Secondary shool hostel te an ni a. Tin, Private school hostel te leh NGOs (Church based) enkawl hostel te pawh an tel bawk. He inspection hi Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) ina kaihhruaina (guidelines) a siam zulzui leh hmanga endik a ni.